Friday, 16 January 2009

Movie Marathon

Well, this is the first thing I did on my holy-holiday. I rented some movies that I wanted to watch months a go because I didn't have much time to watch them. Then I decided to make a list about the movies I gotta rent right when I got my holiday in hand. And now, it's right on my palm hand.

I rent three movies at once. It was Golden Compass, Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and Mamma Mia! Actually I planned to rent Camp Rock, Narnia: Prince Caspian, Mamma Mia! and Step Up for my first week of holiday. But apparently I wasn't lucky at the time so I didn't get my list fulfilled.

Alright I'm gonna give you some shits about the move then. Let see, Golden Compass and Narnia is kinda similar in some ways. You know, it's a fantasy movie and sort of fairy tale stuff or whatever. And for Narnia especially, well, it's quite too many pretty (and cute!!) guys for a fantasy movie, isn't it? :] But, that's OKAY.

FYI, I watched Narnia right after Golden Compass. And I'm kinda surprised that the Prince Caspian would be that charming (that's what the prince does, rite?) on that movie :D And Peter and Edmund, they've been grown up and they look adorable. I love the scene when Peter and Prince Caspian stand in front of the huge ice blocks where they both hypnotized by the evil queen who I forget her name. They got the same feeling and they made the same mistake. And it's kinda cool when a cute king and a charming prince stand together and realized that they want the same thing which they've been argued about since they first met.

And now about Golden Compass, I'm kinda scared when I heard that polar bear did the roar thing. Polar bear should be cute and cuddling, not scary. Well, I know if that happens in the real animal world but still, it scares me. And about the little girl, she's kinda too smart for a little kid I guess. I mean, the words she said is too adult-thing for a little girl. Well, I'd prefer say that it sounds too clever for a dunno-nothing-about-the-world girl. And Nicole Kidman, WOW, I've never seen her played the antagonist part. Even though I don't feel her played the part as a bad man, she's great still.

Then, the last one, MammaMia! After the bombastic High School Musical, Hairspray, Across the Universe and now this. Well, I have to say that Meryl Streep did her best in this movie. I mean, it's quite hard for a woman in her age. The dancing, the singing and of course the acting (the last point is her hobby I believe) is kinda too hard to do when you get older. She's the greatest actress I've ever seen. And Amanda Seyferd is kinda good too :]

And do you know what's the similiarity between Narnia above and MammaMia? Both setting is including beautiful blue ocean, it said river in Narnia but river doesn't have white sands on the sides. So, I think it was the ocean or sea. The oceans are clear, torquise, tempting and the view is really charming. Well, at least it charmed me :]

Mamma Mia! scenes

Narnia scenes

Aren't they beautiful, huh?

Well, from all those movies I rented on my holiday, I found something interesting. Actually it's the movie property from Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. No, not the Prince Caspian. It's the wardrobe anyway. The dress that Lucy wore when they first got back to the Narnia, yes the uniform. It's a must have item of today on my closet. And there's another one, it's the students bag, the vintage sling bag for school. I wanna have it too!!!

I want those stuff!!

Alright, I can't wait what I can do next week. Well, I got some plans actually but I don't know. Based on my experience, plans change. So just go with the flow, right? Did I mention that this is my holiday? Exactly.

P.S.: review about the movies? Sure, I wrote that. Check it on the REVIEW section on Channel bar.

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