Monday, 1 December 2008

Blog Launching

I just created a new blog and I include it on this blog because I wanna have a special feature about stuff reviews (book, music and movie). Started from a boredom of limitation in REVIEW section on Friendster then I start to make it on my own. So, just visit here if you wanna read the reviews of my collection, including; books I read, musics on my playlist, or movies I just watched.

Also, don't hesitate to leave some comments about my reviews or even your own reviews. You can share your opinion about the things I reviewed. Oh, don't worry if you don't have any blogger account. You still can leave comments, you can put your social network URL or whatever.

Alright, have fun reading !

P.S.: find the link to lead you there on the LINK LUNK section


  1. OMGZ i can't believe it, twilight show today, thanks for ur info sara
    i love u so much hahaha

  2. I'm definitely looking forward to this... it's always nice to read other POV's, especially in the literary arts department.


  3. aww about i don't really know about it, faris who make it for me, im sorry i can help you :[[[[[

    yah i finally saw twilight,ohhhhhhhhhh i love jacob more, waktu scene jacob saya histeris ga jelas and linda look silly kalau ada edward, all girls crazy, tapi untuk keseluruhan filmnya ga begitu bagus make-up artist ga konsisten waktu dance scene bella skin more pale better than edward, wow human more pale better than vampire, and ada beberapa scene yang terlalu berlebihan, tapi puas nontonya hahaha, how about ur opinion ?

    saya belum sempat buat review filmnya kemarin saya sakit :[[


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